Churn, June-July 2019

Here’s some of the work for my Churn / Maisreadh exhibition in the cafe at the Taigh Chearsabhagh Museum and Arts Centre in Lochmaddy, North Uist. The exhibition runs from June 4 to July 20 2019. The works are on the theme of folds, chaos and form in the Uist landscape My studio is also

Meet the critics

The corncrakes have returned to the garden for their annual shouting match. In late-April, the first birds arrived and started claiming territory. My garden (much overgrown!) is a regular starting place although they eventually choose somewhere further from buildings to nest. Their constant calling at the start of the season takes some getting used to,

Building a studio

Next job: build a studio in the back garden. A standard building proved to be beyond my budget, so I opted for a polycrub. Developed in Shetland, these are a variant type of polytunnel/greenhouse designed to stand up to 120 mile winds. Ground clearing and gravel laying was completed in January, and the polycrub was